Social Responsibility

Learn for Life Scholarship Program

At Careerhouse, we know how important and life-changing an education can be and we are committed to providing support where it’s needed most.

That’s why, we have established our Learn for Life Scholarship Program. Each year, we will provide 100 scholarship places to 100 students experiencing financial hardship to assist them on their journey to career fulfilment. Please get in touch with us for more details.  You can download an application form here.


Country Education Foundation

We have also committed this calendar year to donate $10,000 to the Country Education Foundation of Australia.

The Country Education Foundation (CEF) is a national not-for-profit organisation helping rural and regional youth access education, training and jobs through grants, scholarships, support services and resources, with the aim to close the participation gap which exists between country and city students.

We have chosen to partner with CEF as their values align with ours. They have a passion for seeing rural and regional students, of any background or ability, be provided with further education, career and personal development opportunities so that they can fulfil their personal potential. Find out more about the CEF here.