We believe the word of our students is the best way to understand what we provide and how we focus on supporting our students along their journey. For more information checkout our online short courses.


Linda C – Cat Care and Training  – 8/4/2021

On enrolling in my online course I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now that I’ve done my first assignment I’m so excited. I’m so pleased that I went through with the course, student support are fantastic and are a great help to me. Their praise and positive feedback gives me confidence to tell myself I can do it. Thank you Careerhouse.


Cath M – Criminal Psychology – 9/4/2021

Really looking forward to this course. My course advisor was fantastic. So helpful and kind-a top employee! Student Support was excellent as well. Patient, calm and understanding so I’m very appreciative.


Hira M – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 12/4/2021

I’ve never had this much support with enrolling. This has been the simplest enrolment and access to any course I have enrolled in and I will recommend this service to my staff.


Jess P – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 23/4/2021

Student support explained everything to me in layman’s terms. They couldn’t have made it easier to understand what is going on. The student advisors are so friendly and welcoming and make you feel confident in beginning your course.


Natalie M – Criminal Psychology – 5/5/2021

I am really enjoying this course, it’s answering a lot of questions about my own life. I am learning a lot.


Salote F – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 4/6/2021

Careerhouse staff is very helpful in helping you with your enrolment and in your set course. They are also understanding in how their students need help to get started in studying and also their website is pretty much straight forward and easy to understand. Looking forward to my future studies. Thank you.


Madeline H – Wedding Planning and Event Management – 12/6/2021

I’ve loved my experience with Careerhouse so far! The team have been incredibly helpful, informative and welcoming – especially Geri. I am really impressed with the level of detail and how they cover every aspect of what I’m wanting to learn, all in a short 200 hour course. I’m really looking forward to doing my course and I know that the team at Careerhouse will help ensure I have the support I need every step of the way.


Kathy F – Wedding Planning and Event Management – 19/6/2021

I would like to send a big thank you to my tutor for all her encouragement and support throughout my course. Thank you to everyone. Looking forward to receiving my certificate and starting a new career.


Rebecca F – Criminal Psychology – 25/6/2021

Thank you so much for all your help!! I am just wrapped with the course, you and your team and my tutor.


Jane L – Mental Health – 5/7/2021

I’m really enjoying the course and I’m learning a lot too. This is helping me be more confident at work.


Deborah I – Animal Welfare  – 27/7/2021

I just want to say that you have been so helpful. The whole sign up process with Josh and then with Geri has just been wonderful and I just want to thank you. The support side is really important to keep you motivated.


Tamara K – Mental Health Course –  4/7/2021    

This was a wonderful assignment and very relevant to my working environment. I am very much enjoying studying Abnormal Psychology.


Sarah C – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 29/7/2021

I am actually really impressed with how the portal is laid out. The portal is really easy to navigate and I find that to be enoyable.


Naomi M – Criminal Psychology – 3/8/2021

I loved my first assessment. I do admit given that the topics are exciting to me that it was hard not to write much more than the word limit allowed. However having said that I loved every minute of it. Thank you


Lavere U – Wedding Planning and Event Management – 24/8/2021

As a student for Careerhouse that choose to do an Event Management and Wedding course I find it is very straightforward. The questions are also great for reflection of what you are learning within the course because these questions are great tools that you would use to plan and evaluate of putting an event together. I enjoy getting feedback from tutors and student support for any help or suggestions with my work. Best decision I have made to sign up with Careerhouse


Naomi M – Criminal Psychology – 8/9/2021

I absolutely loved this assessment and found it not only interesting but also that it was very informational, and gave me even better understanding and the ability to grow more knowledge on these topics.


Nicholas R – Certificate in Mental Health – 23/9/2021

I am absolutely loving the course! Not only has the information provided been great but the student support and linkedIn learning has been very supportive for my studies!


Kristie T – Criminal Psychology – 30/9/2021

As a 34 year old that hadn’t studied since high school, I chose Careerhouse’s Criminal Psychology course as a way to keep my mind active. This course is fascinating and so well structured with plenty of support and guidance. My freinds and workmates all love hearing about each new topic and I love sharing what I’ve learned so far.


Sam E – Cat Care and Training – 12/10/2021

My learning of this project has been a positive experience. I had issues with the project itself as I didn’t understand what I had to do. I got around this by emailing the school staff asking for clarification, which I received & it was a big help.

Overall, I believe my learning experience throughout the project has been positive, being faced with problems & solving them to the best of my ability. There was a certain satisfaction of overcoming the obstacles faced in this project.


Renee J – Mental Health 12/10/2021

I really enjoyed this first lesson and got a bit carried away researching and revising for my assignment.


Alison T – Criminal Psychology 19/10/2021

Thank you so much for showing me the student portal it’s so simple to use!


Cascie-May F – Mental Health – 20/10/2021

The portal format is the easist I have ever used!! So much better then Blackboard and Moodle.


Achol  A – Wedding Planning and Event Management – 21/10/2021

The course is really good. I love planning so it’s so interesting. I’m learning new things with each assignment.


Jorja S – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 21/10/2021

😊Thank you so much Geraldine for your support! 😊


Timothy L – Criminal Psychology – 22/10/2021

Thanks, CareerHouse!

Harry was great with communication with my questions, I have ex military experience and I felt very comfortable getting excellent theory and lessons in Criminal Psychology. It was a simple process to enrol and the online tools are very user friendly, I received a fantastic phone call from Geraldine and she had every question covered with tips and hints on how to use the resources available and walked me through the computer software and any questions. Being interesting reading material available I find the assignments enjoyable rather than tedious so I am retaining knowledge. Keep it up team!


Samantha H – Dog care & Training – 27/10/2021

Such an easy course to access and I’m so excited for Linkedin learning!


Mathew H- Wildlife Conservation and Management – 5/11/2021

Thank you so much for showing me through the portal it’s so easy to use!


Marie T – Counselling – 9/11/2021

I did find this assignment a little challenging, finger’s crossed I answered the questions correctly. Even though I did thoroughly enjoy it.


Jennifer D – Mental Health – 12/11/2021

Thank you so much for the welcome call it’s so helpful to navigate the portal!


Rhiannon L – Life Coaching, Health and Wellbeing  – 16/11/2021

Thank you for the call I really apreciate you guiding me through everything and portal is so simple to use!