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Anna R – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 11/7/2023

“Very friendly and reassuring people who are ready to help and support your education choices! Amazing lessons and resources along with the amazing option to complete assignments during your own time without the stress of deadlines. Looking for a convenient, effective and fun way to learn? This is the place for you! There’s always someone to help and explain things as well, so you won’t be going on this journey alone and blind folded. Would 100% recommend beginning a course here!”


Annabelle D – Certificate in Mental Health – 10/7/2023

“The staff they are so nice and helpful, especially Geraldine ☺️she explained everything so that it was easy for me to access the portal and detailed everything that I need to start my study online.”


Sonia R – Certificate in Medical Reception – 10/7/2023

“Extremely happy with the online course Medical Reception. Very quick with help in helping me answer questions that I didn’t quite know what needed to be done. Returned completed assessments usually within a working week. Positive feedback with returned assignments. I liked the fact that no job placement was required as this wasn’t possible for me at that time. I really enjoyed doing this course.”


Krystan D – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 10/7/2023

“My experience has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone I have interacted with has been so accommodating and understanding and have provided me with some excellent insight in the field of Criminal Psychology and Forensic Science. Thanks.”


Lisa H – Certificate in Animal Care – 3/7/2023

“Highly recommend studying through Careerhouse! Not only has the study material been thoroughly enjoyable and engaging, but they have been incredibly supportive and accommodating through my illness, allowing me extra time to complete my course work around medical appointments! I am incredibly grateful to everyone here and will always recommend them when friends and family are considering studying something, as the support is incredible (and the course work itself is fun and engaging!)”


Cherise M – Certificate in Animal Care – 12/5/2023

“My name is Cherise, and while doing this course, I was going through a really hard time. I was nearly homeless and very mentally unstable. But everyone at Careerhouse helped me so much to make sure I finished my course because that is what I wanted. I always got stuck on assignments and they helped me a lot to understand what I had to do. They even gave me an extension so I could work out my problems and then go back to studying because that was my dream. Definitely recommend them as a study place. There are so helpful and understanding. I’ve tried so many places to try and study, and those were not very great. But Careerhouse and everyone there, are seriously the best. Highly recommend.”


Jeanre J – Certificate in Adventure Tourism – 4/4/2023

“Very kind and helpful, they make sure you understand the work and they simplify it for you to make your work easier! I’m really impressed and so grateful that I decided to do my online courses at Career house.”


Hannah W – Certificate in Zoology – 2/4/2023

“Had a great experience with career house. The course I did in zoology was amazing. Learnt so much. Everyone one was so helpful when I needed it! Thank you heaps.”


Jochebed G – Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2/4/2023

“Neha is always available whenever I need help. She is always willing to help and support me. She is smart, intelligent and always a person of encouragement. She is truly a good support to students like me.”


Sue-Anne H – Advanced Certificate in Criminology & Law – 30/3/2023

“I highly recommend career house for study amazing courses available and excellent support. I’m glad I made the choice to go with career house studying. I’ve completed criminal psychology already and now doing advanced criminology and law highly recommend assistance is beyond and so helpful and polite AAAA++”


Kerry C – Certificate in Dog Care & Training – 30/3/2023

“Thoroughly enjoyed learning the content in the Dog Care, Psychology and Training modules. Clear and concise but timely support given if required. Can recommend.”


Amber G – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 23/3/2023

“Extremely helpful staff and great flexibility on the assignments. Highly recommend!”


Tamahra D – Certificate in Animal Care – 20/3/2023

“My experience studying through careerhouse was great, their communication was very good. And their staff are very kind and understanding.”


Sia M – Certificate in Mental Health – 1/3/2023

“Wonderful experience. Staffs are super friendly and they’re quick to help a student when it comes to having difficulty answering on assignment. Student portal is super easy to use and follow.
I would recommend Careerhouse to study with this institution.”


Naomi M – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 21/2/2023

“I loved studying with Careerhouse they were very supportive and the work was easy to understand. I highly recommend them as a learning establishment. There was always support available and every assessment had feedback on it. I have grown both professionally and personally thanks to Careerhouse.”


Elena D – Certificate in Animal Care – 18/2/2023

“Best place I’ve worked with, I was a little scared at first to start with an online course but they all helped me feel comfortable and every question I had they answered politely snd quickly.”


Rhys F- Certificate in Wildlife Conservation and Management – 8/2/2023

“Awesome course!”


Michelle S – Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 28/1/2023

“Content available at all times. Communication was good, I always got a response within a short time frame. Feedback was always helpful.”


Keiran S – Certificate in Mental Health – 22/1/2023

“Careerhouse have loads of courses to choose from, helping others with furthering their education or starting something new. They are transparent with their support network they offer, and the teachers are brilliant at what they do. The teachers are hard, but fair. They want each student to grow and learn, it shows with how in depth they are with their students. Give them a go, its hard work but definitely worth it!”


Matthew P – Advanced Certificate in Criminology & Law – 12/1/2023

“Geraldine is such a nice person and has given me the confidence to move forward with my studies. Thank you.”


Jess H – Certificate in Criminal Justice & Criminology – 9/1/2023

“Very understanding and willingness to help complete work is amazing, would recommend studying with career house.”


Courtney S – Certificate in Mental Health – 3/1/2023

“Careerhouse has been an incredibly easy platform to study on. I received great feedback with all my assignments and amazing support throughout my course.”


Jason M – Certificate in Horticulture – 28/12/2022

“Throughout this course, I have been able to learn so much. Putting theory into practice has had amazing results just in my own yard, learning the various plant species and how these can be used to provide a sustainable environment for the local wildlife and insects. The staff at Careerhouse have been amazing to say the least. A big thank you to Bridget, Tracy and Rahul for their time and feedback when needed. I would highly recommend this training provider to anyone wanting a career or lifestyle change or even just to learn something new.
This course has inspired me to further my education in the horticulture sector. Jason”


Chantelle F – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 20/12/2022

“I did the Wedding Planning & Event Management course as I’m planning my own wedding and have always been interested in helping plan events. The course definitely provided me the insight as what a wedding planner or event organiser would be doing on a daily basis. The student support team are wonderful and very quick to help if you are a struggling on anything! Bridget was very helpful with some of the assessment questions and clarifying what I needed to do to answer it to a satisfactory level. Great course overall!”


Karen W – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 15/12/2022

“It has been a pleasure to study with Career House. The staff and trainers are amazing and give feedback amd responses very quickly. Always quick to reply no issue too big. Course guides are easy to follow and understand.”


Brooke S – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 27/11/2022

“Personally I had a really positive experience with careerhouse, they were always so helpful and understanding. The course itself was very clear to understand and do, I barely required any assistance!”


Debbie C – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 26/10/2022

I did Forensic Science and Criminal Psychology with Careerhouse and l enjoyed every minute of it. They were very supportive and l would recommend them. Debbie.”


Nick R – Certificate in Mental Health – 5/10/2022

“Great psychology course and brilliant support throughout, loved it would recommend to anyone interested in getting a start in this area. Thanks to Charlotte, Geraldine, Lynda, and Gabriella! Have and will highly recommend certificate of mental health from Careerhouse 👍👍 especially if wanting to work and study.”


Jess K – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 26/9/2022

“Ella was such a help getting me set up with my online studies. She was very knowledgeable and clear in her steps to begin and helped guide me through the introduction of my course. Ella is friendly and approachable and its encouraging to have someone like this supporting me.”


Lisa T – Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 10/9/2022

“I love learning however sometimes struggle with understanding certain criteria. I am so glad I signed up to study through careerhouse. I have looked at many courses through many companies but there was always something in which wasn’t quite right – It never felt right but I never knew why. I now know. The support they have stands out above the rest and it is well worth every penny, I am so grateful I signed up and now studying a child and adolescents mental health certificate and I feel so supported throughout the whole process. I have complete flexibility withing my timetable and am completely supported throughout the whole process. Thank you for everything!
Highly recommend to anyone looking to study.”


Helen E – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 22/8/2022

“The team always has the time to talk to you about the lesson you are doing. They will talk you through it and help by sending extra links to help as well. But most of they listen to you. I am extremely grateful for all the help.”


Rana A – Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 13/7/2022

“Careerhouse not only helped me with my course, but it also helped me believe in myself and gain the confidence that I needed to keep going. My mentor Bridget, is amazing, quick to answer any of my questions, very patient, and works within my pace and level of understanding.”


Debbie Y – Certificate in Mental Health – 10/7/2022

“I undertook the Certification in Mental Health to get more of an understanding as I see it everyday in my workplace (hospital ED). I found it very informative and found it made me want more! I enjoyed it so much that I committed myself to and commenced a Diploma in Counselling with Majors in Alcohol & Drugs, Early Childhood Prevention and Mindful based techniques. Thank you Careerhouse, this certification was the best stepping stone!”


Maree G – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 28/6/2022

“This is amazing. I can see myself going full-ball with this course and then going onto another one. For me to pay just $53 a fortnight for a massive course like this I’m just over the moon.”


Rachel G – Certificate in Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 21/6/2022

“This is amazing, I’ve done online course before and none of them had this much support! I’m so excited to get started!”


Faten S – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 10/6/2022

“You were really helpful, you are a legend. I was terrified before this call.”


France  K – Certificate in Wildlife Conservation – 10/6/2022

“I think you have been absolutely amazing for me because your explanations are really clear. It’s really easy when people understand what they’re looking at and what to do. It’s great. It’s so important you know the platform you are working with otherwise you will never use it.”


Taylor M – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 8/6/2022

“I definitely want to study again with you guys, it’s so easy for me to navigate through the portal, it’s so straight-forward.”


Rana A – Certificate in Child and Adolecent Mental Health 6/6/2022

My support advisor has been so amazing. Always within reach whenever I need her. The way Bridget cheers on to celebrate my achievements, makes me want to do more and not doubt myself, and for that I will forever be grateful.  Thank you, Bridget.


Matthew P – Advanced Certificate in Criminology & Law – 10/5/2022

Thank you so much, the student portal is very user friendly. Also all staff seem to be amazingly helpful, I look forward to my future studies in Careerhouse.


Tamara K – Certificate in Mental Health – 19/4/2022

Thank you for this course, I’m now hoping to enter into a bachelor of counselling because of how much I have enjoyed studying.


Helen T – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 18/4/2022

I am loving doing my course with you. The tutor’s are friendly and very helpful. I would be lost without them.


Leanne S – Certificate in Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 13/04/2022

Hi, my name is Leanne and I am 55yrs young. Careerhouse came up on my Facebook and I thought I would take a look. I made an online enquiry and the next day a wonderful lady called me and we walked through the process, I enrolled on the spot. I have enjoyed studying online before but Careerhouse take it to the next level. Phone calls and emails to see how you’re going and the staff are just that friendly. If you’re looking to study, please take the time to call the girls at Careerhouse, you won’t go wrong.


Elizabeth N – Certificate in Mental Health – 6/4/2022

I am extremely excited and happy about this course…perfect.. thank you.


Shyann G – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 31/3/2022

If you’re looking for someone to study through, I would definitely recommend these guys. Friendly staff. Very helpful Tutors and all round just a good company to study through. I was going to give up half way through my course because I found it was too hard for me but these guys helped and pushed me through it. They were there when I needed the help and no matter how hard something is/was they were there to help me step by step. 10/10 Stars


Brenda F – Certificate in Mental Health – 30/3/2022

Thank you so, so much for your assistance and kindness! Between the support and my amazing course advisor Imogen I couldn’t be more excited to start studying!


Kale R – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 28/3/2022

This course content is absolutely amazing to me. Within the first few assignments, I gained a lot of knowledge and learnt so much. Overall, it’s simple to understand and manage. The support team is beyond brilliant!  Very quick responses to any questions I had about the assignment and everything was clearly explained so that I was pointed in the right direction. I couldn’t imagine studying with anyone other than Careerhouse as they have been the most beneficial company I’ve ever worked with.


Sandy M – Certificate in Vet Assistant – 9/3/2022

Thank you to the tutor for all the lovely comments on my previous assignments its very encouraging and I am really enjoying this course as its very interesting to learn so much more about the animals.


Krystan D – Certificate in Criminal Psychology  – 24/2/2022

I went though three lessons yesterday and then I went on to YouTube to watch some documentaries based on what I had learnt and it was exactly the same. Getting to hear from professional criminal psychologists and people in the field and then have that “Oh I just read that.” From what I have read so far, the course is so relevant.


Bereine C – Certificate in Dog Care and Training – 23/2/2022

I am excited to begin. I am greatly impressed with this support and by the continued support expressed by Careerhouse that I will have. So I am very encouraged by that, thank you.


Zahra H – Certificate in Mental Health – 9/2/2022

My name is Zahra I studied Certificate in Mental Health with Careerhouse. The course was run online with the help from an allocated tutor, the support team and the course content were amazing. I would fully recommend anyone interested in studying Certificate in Mental Health. I haven’t had much educational background but was able to complete this certificate and now enter into my further my studies to a Certificate IV in Mental Healh at TAFE. This is thanks to Careerhouse.


Tammy M – Certificate in Animal Welfare – 5/2/2022

The portal is very easy to navigate, and I found it very easy to figure out. The way it has been created is very user friendly.


Elana  L – Certificate in Cat Care and Training – 2/2/2022

I’ve absolutely loved my first assignment and I’m enjoying the content of the course so much! The material is very interesting and it’s motivated me to do more study!


Sharna E – Certificate in Mental Health – 30/1/2022

I feel as though I am getting more and more used to submitting my assignments. I haven’t studied in a long time and I barely use a computer, so I am still trying to get used to it, although I am really enjoying studying, researching and learning new things as I go.

I am so keen to get this certificate and start a new career in this industry. Thank you for the tutor notes it helps me a lot for the next assignments.


Simone L – Certificate in Vet Assistant – 28/1/2022

At the beginning of my studies I was feeling so overwhelmed, but the support I got to get me back up and going was so helpful. I have so much appreciation and thanks for all the help I’ve received, I really don’t think I would have done it without them


Gloria S – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 20/1/2022

I am enjoying this course a lot and I really cannot wait to start working as a wedding planner!!


Courtney S – Certificate in Mental Health – 23/12/2021

Thank you so much for guiding me through! I absolutely love how much support is available!


Taylah B – Certificate in Cat Care and Training – 30/11/2021

Thanks guys, for making an awesome course, so glad I’m still with you.


Cheyenne H – Certificate in Mental Health – 22/11/2021

“Loved the Abnormal Psychology course :)) After finishing this assignment for Managing Metal Health in Adults – I feel like this module is going to be right up my alley! I found the assignment to be thought provoking but really enjoyable and allowed me to really use my own knowledge as well as challenge myself with that knowledge and applying it to the case study! Can’t wait to continue this module! Thank you 🙂


Jane B – Child & Adolescent Mental Health 19/11/2021

I’m really impressed with the quick assignment turnaround time! The tutor’s feedback was really helpful too.


Rhiannon L – Certificate in Life Coaching, Health and Wellbeing  – 16/11/2021

Thank you for the call I really apreciate you guiding me through everything and portal is so simple to use!


Jennifer D – Certificate in Mental Health – 12/11/2021

Thank you so much for the welcome call it’s so helpful to navigate the portal!


Marie T – Certificate in Counselling – 9/11/2021

I did find this assignment a little challenging, finger’s crossed I answered the questions correctly. Even though I did thoroughly enjoy it.


Mathew H- Certificate in Wildlife Conservation and Management – 5/11/2021

Thank you so much for showing me through the portal it’s so easy to use!


Samantha H – Certificate in Dog Care & Training – 27/10/2021

Such an easy course to access and I’m so excited for Linkedin learning!


Timothy L – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 22/10/2021

Thanks, CareerHouse!

Harry was great with communication with my questions, I have ex military experience and I felt very comfortable getting excellent theory and lessons in Criminal Psychology. It was a simple process to enrol and the online tools are very user friendly, I received a fantastic phone call from Geraldine and she had every question covered with tips and hints on how to use the resources available and walked me through the computer software and any questions. Being interesting reading material available I find the assignments enjoyable rather than tedious so I am retaining knowledge. Keep it up team!


Jorja S – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 21/10/2021

😊Thank you so much Geraldine for your support! 😊


Achol  A – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 21/10/2021

The course is really good. I love planning so it’s so interesting. I’m learning new things with each assignment.


Cascie-May F – Certificate in Mental Health – 20/10/2021

The portal format is the easist I have ever used!! So much better then Blackboard and Moodle.


Alison T – Certificate in Criminal Psychology  19/10/2021

Thank you so much for showing me the student portal it’s so simple to use!


Renee J – Certificate in Mental Health 12/10/2021

I really enjoyed this first lesson and got a bit carried away researching and revising for my assignment.


Sam E – Certificate in Cat Care and Training – 12/10/2021

My learning of this project has been a positive experience. I had issues with the project itself as I didn’t understand what I had to do. I got around this by emailing the school staff asking for clarification, which I received & it was a big help.

Overall, I believe my learning experience throughout the project has been positive, being faced with problems & solving them to the best of my ability. There was a certain satisfaction of overcoming the obstacles faced in this project.


Kristie T – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 30/9/2021

As a 34 year old that hadn’t studied since high school, I chose Careerhouse’s Criminal Psychology course as a way to keep my mind active. This course is fascinating and so well structured with plenty of support and guidance. My freinds and workmates all love hearing about each new topic and I love sharing what I’ve learned so far.


Nicholas R – Certificate in Mental Health – 23/9/2021

I am absolutely loving the course! Not only has the information provided been great but the student support and linkedIn learning has been very supportive for my studies!


Naomi M – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 8/9/2021

I absolutely loved this assessment and found it not only interesting but also that it was very informational, and gave me even better understanding and the ability to grow more knowledge on these topics.


Lavere U – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 24/8/2021

As a student for Careerhouse that choose to do an Event Management and Wedding course I find it is very straightforward. The questions are also great for reflection of what you are learning within the course because these questions are great tools that you would use to plan and evaluate of putting an event together. I enjoy getting feedback from tutors and student support for any help or suggestions with my work. Best decision I have made to sign up with Careerhouse


Naomi M – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 3/8/2021

I loved my first assessment. I do admit given that the topics are exciting to me that it was hard not to write much more than the word limit allowed. However having said that I loved every minute of it. Thank you


Sarah C – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 29/7/2021

I am actually really impressed with how the portal is laid out. The portal is really easy to navigate and I find that to be enoyable.


Tamara K – Certificate in Mental Health –  4/7/2021    

This was a wonderful assignment and very relevant to my working environment. I am very much enjoying studying Abnormal Psychology.


Deborah I – Certificate in Animal Welfare  – 27/7/2021

I just want to say that you have been so helpful. The whole sign up process with Josh and then with Geri has just been wonderful and I just want to thank you. The support side is really important to keep you motivated.


Jane L – Certificate in Mental Health – 5/7/2021

I’m really enjoying the course and I’m learning a lot too. This is helping me be more confident at work.


Rebecca F – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 25/6/2021

Thank you so much for all your help!! I am just wrapped with the course, you and your team and my tutor.


Kathy F – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 19/6/2021

I would like to send a big thank you to my tutor for all her encouragement and support throughout my course. Thank you to everyone. Looking forward to receiving my certificate and starting a new career.


Madeline H – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 12/6/2021

I’ve loved my experience with Careerhouse so far! The team have been incredibly helpful, informative and welcoming – especially Geri. I am really impressed with the level of detail and how they cover every aspect of what I’m wanting to learn, all in a short 200 hour course. I’m really looking forward to doing my course and I know that the team at Careerhouse will help ensure I have the support I need every step of the way.


Salote F – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 4/6/2021

Careerhouse staff is very helpful in helping you with your enrolment and in your set course. They are also understanding in how their students need help to get started in studying and also their website is pretty much straight forward and easy to understand. Looking forward to my future studies. Thank you.


Natalie M – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 5/5/2021

I am really enjoying this course, it’s answering a lot of questions about my own life. I am learning a lot.


Jess P – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 23/4/2021

Student support explained everything to me in layman’s terms. They couldn’t have made it easier to understand what is going on. The student advisors are so friendly and welcoming and make you feel confident in beginning your course.


Hira M – Child & Adolescent Mental Health – 12/4/2021

I’ve never had this much support with enrolling. This has been the simplest enrolment and access to any course I have enrolled in and I will recommend this service to my staff.


Cath M – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 9/4/2021

Really looking forward to this course. My course advisor was fantastic. So helpful and kind-a top employee! Student Support was excellent as well. Patient, calm and understanding so I’m very appreciative.


Linda C – Certificate in Cat Care and Training  – 8/4/2021

On enrolling in my online course I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now that I’ve done my first assignment I’m so excited. I’m so pleased that I went through with the course, student support are fantastic and are a great help to me. Their praise and positive feedback gives me confidence to tell myself I can do it. Thank you Careerhouse.


Vanessa C – Certificate in Criminal Psychology – 7/1/2022

Thank you so much for the level of custom service! Between my course advisor Tarek and my student support contact Bridget I have been thoroughly impressed with my experience!


Gloria S – Certificate in Wedding Planning and Event Management – 20/1/2022

I am enjoying this course a lot and I really cannot wait to start working as a wedding planner!!