Here are 7 easy ways to expand your skills in 2021

Careerhouse 08/06/2021
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7 Easy Ways To Expand Your Skills Image

Are you looking to embark on a learning journey for the first time? Or perhaps you want to move up within your company. Here are seven easy ways to expand your skills in 2021.

Set clear goals.
Decide what skills you want to work on and what you hope those skills help you accomplish. These goals should be specific, practical and have end dates- designing your goals this way will help motivate you and provide a clear framework for success. Once you know your goals for 2021, make a concrete plan to achieve them.

Find a mentor.
Actively search out a mentor in your field, you trust and respect. Having a mentor can help you build on your skills and lead you toward making sound choices that positively affect your career choices. If you’re going to be working with a long-term mentor, set smaller aims to accomplish along the way- This provides you with something to work towards and helps keep your catch-ups on track and focused.

Keep an eye out on industry expectations.
One way to keep ahead is by periodically looking at job ads. These posts will give you an insight into what current employers and industry leads are looking for in candidates. Use this insight knowledge wisely by noting down what you lack and make a plan to develop these skills to broaden your skillset.

Always ask people for feedback.
Constructive feedback is beneficial and can help you make important decisions with clarity and confidence. Look to your team leaders, fellow students and encourage them to share their feedback about your strengths and weaknesses and use that information as motivation to improve your performance.
Enrol in online study.
Studying online empowers you to learn new skills and develop existing ones in the convenience of your own home. The value of learning online is the flexibility; if you want to acquire a new skill set or specific job-related abilities, you can easily do it without physically setting foot on campus. The flexibility extends to its distribution as it tends to be better at catering to a mix of abilities and learning levels.

Go to industry events.
Attending industry events is an excellent opportunity to learn something new and inspire you to leap into a new direction or career choice. They’re the perfect setting for cultivating new relationships, enhancing your professional development, and providing you with tools and skills that cant be taught in the workplace or online.

Join relevant online industry groups.
One of the most useful tools that have expanded in the last few years is online communities. These collective spaces can provide anyone who wants to join with new skills, helpful content and valuable business connections with the top experts in your field. If information is power, then online groups are where you need to be.