How to make goals and keep them

Careerhouse 16/02/2021
Blog Goal Setting

Most of us love to set goals for our careers, well-being and lives in general – at the same time, most of us tend to find it tough to keep our good intentions on track once everyday life gets in the way.

So, in 2021 – whether you’re establishing personal or career goals, follow our simple guide below to keep your plans on track.

Let’s start with the basics of goal setting:

Be Specific.
Know what you want, the more specific, the more beneficial.

Make them Measurable.
it easier to accomplish goals if you can track and mark your progress and results.

Don’t over complicate them.
Your goals should stimulate you and force you to improve, but they also need to be feasible.

Set an end date.
Set your goals with an end. Creating a defined timeline establishes a feeling of urgency and stimulates motivation.

Don’t let your thoughts become roadblocks.

One of the best exercises to undertake when setting goals is identifying mental roadblocks. Look at your roadblocks, fears and self-doubt as what they are – just something to handle, rather than allowing them to stop you from moving forward.

What to do?

  • Write them all out to be consciously aware of them and confront them.
  • Acknowledge that fears are just a part of the process and move past them.
  • Talk to someone you trust for support.

Create a plan & stick to it.

Your action plan should clearly lay out the small tasks you need to complete to accomplish your goal. A good action plan will detail all the essential steps to achieve your goal efficiently.

What to do?

  • Set your goals.
  • Create a list of tangible actions.
  • Set clear timelines.
  • Write down what resources you need to achieve the goals.
  • Continually monitor the progress to keep yourself accountable.

Tell people to keep accountable.

The truth is that your chance of achieving your goals is greatly increased when you share it with others – why? – It makes us accountable for our actions. Find your cheer squad – trusted friends, family or co-workers who will be there to support and encourage you.

What to do?

  • Find yourself an accountability buddy.
  • Set goals with a friend and keep each other on track.
  • Regularly speak with them for motivation.

Give yourself a high five!

Taking time to celebrate each achievement you have, this is an integral part of keeping yourself accountable as it helps you build energy and stay focused. You are more likely to reach your goal if you reward yourself along the way.

What to do?

  • Write down your daily or weekly successes.
  • Cross off each small goal as you accomplish them.
  • Keep them somewhere visible.