Upskilling for the Post-Covid job market. How to instantly boost your skillset to secure your career?

Careerhouse 16/02/2021
Upskilling For The Post Covid Job Market

Despite all the challenges faced in a COVID-19 world, the lockdowns have afforded us time to invest in our skillset to advance our careers forward and be ready for a relaunch in a Post-Covid market.

From online courses to networking and more – look no further than our handful of suggestions below for affordable and readily available ways to boost your skillset today.

Short-term study.

Short-term skill-based courses can be a great way to improve on ideas and skills that you already have and can quickly expand your resume. Learn something new that can help you acquire more knowledge and prepare for more significant and better roles. Some courses take as little as 12 weeks to finish.

Make use of free online resources.

With the extra time on our hands, the internet provides an excellent opportunity to pick up some new creative skills without spending a cent. If you’re not yet ready to commit to a course, do some light watching of TED talks in your aspired trade or interest.

Network online.

While lockdowns and event restrictions remain, use the opportunity to develop relationships and build new connections online. Join forums and professional networking groups through social platforms such as LinkedIn and participate in several industry events and training. Remember, this is an excellent opportunity to develop relationships beyond your current job or industry, too.

Become more tech-savvy.

The technologies we have available to us these days are incredible — imagine facing COVID-19 without smartphones and videoconferencing. As it continues to morph, change and evolve at a phenomenal pace – embracing technology can pay enormous returns for your career. Take this time to read the tech section of your favourite site, ask experts questions and get tips to help you learn or take an online coding class.  These are the skills that employers will be looking for in months to come.