Did you know you can upskill using LinkedIn Learning?

Careerhouse 09/11/2021
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Have you ever wanted to learn more about a topic without needing to go through a complex enrolment process? If you’re looking for a quick refresher on a particular topic or seeking to expand your skills in an area of interest – LinkedIn Learning is your answer.

LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of online sessions developed by experts from a diverse range of fields. The topics are comprehensive – you can learn anything from mindfulness practices, communication practices, online teaching, or how to be a better leader.

The courses are all on-demand, user friendly, and include lots of videos and tutorials. There is also a collection of quizzes along the way to test your knowledge and celebrate your progress.


Bite-size and mobile.

Aside from offering a vast breadth of different subjects and seminars, LinkedIn Learning was created for today’s students. The platform allows students to drop in quickly and learn at their own pace; if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare on the train, then you can quickly jump in and do part of learning, then return at a later time. The courses are all mobile-friendly, so you don’t need your laptop or notebook.

Personalised learning program.

A clever piece of the platform is its personalised learning recommendations. LinkedIn Learning will suggest additional short courses you might be interested in using its AI and gathered data to help grow your knowledge, skills, and career progress.

High-quality content.

What makes LinkedIn Learning so engaging? For one, the quality of content surpasses most, with most courses having a high production value and secondly, classes are all taught by credible experts. The platform screens the credentials of teachers and coaches before allowing their courses to go live – so you know you’re gaining knowledge from the right people.

And finally, all courses award certificates.

Show off your latest acquired skills and education by adding your certificate to your LinkedIn profile.