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Careerhouse 22/11/2021
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One of the greatest additions to the online learning space is the vast amount of free digital tools and platforms. If you’re looking to ramp up productivity and improve processes while studying – these free resources can be a real game-changer; here are some of our favourites right now.


Google Software

If you have a Gmail account, you have access to Google’s suite online work tools such as Google Docs – a word processing tool, Sheets – a spreadsheet, Slides presentation software and Google Drive – cloud storage. Google is a one-stop-shop, provides a certain amount of free online storage, and can be accessed from any device provided you’ve got your Gmail login handy.


Grammarly is one of the most popular tools for this task worldwide, at least when writing in English. It is an AI-based tool that will understand the meaning of the context and give you suggestions to make your copy clearer to the audience. It has helped bloggers a lot to write optimised and error-free content for their websites.

Evernote Free

Evernote is a note-taking app. You can install it on any device and sync your notes from mobile to laptop to tablet. From notes to checklists, images to links – you can save the information and notes you’ve made and reference them with ease. The free version is a great starting place for those studying, and if you decide you like the software, you can upgrade and get access to more features, add it to more devices and use extra features.


Quizlet is a fun little tool – giving its users access to existing or customised flashcards to test their knowledge and improve the quality of their learning. Their content is loaded and verified by experts, or the tools allow you to upload your learning content and test yourself on your specific learning goals.


This brilliant piece of software – provides a specific style of referencing, saving you from manually formatting your reference list or bibliography and in-text referencing to the correct style required for your assignment. Students can sign-up and receive a 30-day free trial.