How Can a Non-Accredited Course Help You Succeed?

Careerhouse 01/11/2021
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Career-boosting education doesn’t always need to come in the form of a degree. Instead, a relatively quick and non-accredited course can give anyone the boost they need to apply creative and new thinking to their current role.

A non-accredited course can produce practical skills over a much shorter time frame, the fees are reasonable, and you can apply your new skills to your job much sooner.

You may also find you can cut out a lot of the “extra” content you would otherwise have to study via a longer course, and you’ll walk away with skills and the knowledge to apply these in real life whilst also building a unique skill set possessed only by you.

So, how can a non-accredited course help you succeed?

Learn new skills quickly.
By not taking on additional elective units unrelated to your area of study or occupation, you can learn relevant new skills succinctly conveyed and make you better at what you want to do in the long run, such as:
• A Leadership Course to help you grow into a role managing other employees,
• Specific training on certain software programs or coding,
• Conflict management,
• Internal training specific to your employer,
• Customer Service Excellence.

Real-life application.
Not every piece of training you undertake needs to be accredited. For example, university degrees contain a lot of theoretical information, and you do a lot of electives that, whilst interesting, may not be very practical. Often, a non-accredited training course provides practical, hands-on information that you can take away and implement.

Non-accredited courses still have thoughtfully planned training material coupled with goals and outcomes. They will allow you to engage with the content and provide creative ways of applying the learnings to your workplace.

Develop a unique skillset.
Building skills or expanding your understanding into other areas makes you a more valuable employee. You might learn something unique through a non-accredited course that no one else at your workplace can do. In turn, this may give you and your employer a competitive edge in the market and increase your chances of longevity and promotion.
You may also build a unique skill set, making you a more desirable candidate for other jobs that interest you as your career progresses.