Studying from home? Here are five productive reminders to keep you sane.

Careerhouse 21/04/2021
Studying from home

If you want to maximise your studying efforts from home, look no further than our five incredibly simple tips to apply to keep you productive and sane.

Create a dedicated space.

Yes, the sofa is pleasant and comfy, but you need to keep as far away from any distractions to remain productive. Create a space that’s used only for work and study. Turn off the TV and stay away from the laundry, kitchen and kids rooms. Begin studying at the same time every day, create a timetable and stick with it. If you’re going to use social media, schedule specific times and shut it off when it’s not time.

Make a point to get out of the house.

In the same way, you would go out for lunch, dedicate some time while studying from home to go outside for fresh air. Take a walk while on a call, or if you absolutely can’t be bothered, move your make-shift study space outside for a portion of the afternoon to get some Vitamin D.

Don’t lose touch.

For some of you, studying alone at home can feel unstructured and isolating, so make a conscious effort to keep in touch with your friends, study companions and course coordinators. We’d go as far to suggest securing in a morning and afternoon 10-minute call to kick off the day and wrap up the day to keep up those invaluable friendly study-mate interactions!

Planning is important.

An easy way to keep sane and productive is to start any study session with writing down the essential things you want to accomplish throughout the day, then schedule them in, and tick them off as you go. In a post COVID world, it can be hard to stay motivated and accountable without people around you, therefore remaining organised is the key to productivity.

You need to get dressed.

Yes, it’s tempting to roll out of bed and start studying in your pyjamas, yet getting dressed is the simplest psychological trick you need to maximise productivity. To separate study hours and home-life, you need to get dressed and do whatever else you would if you were heading off to Tafe or University. Then at the end of the day, apply the same rule – close your laptop and get changed into your comfy clothes. These actions will help cement your hours studying and when home life starts.